A non-profit organization founded in 2005 in the Lamoille county region (Vermont), has been formed to collect and administer funds for animals in need of veterinary care who either do not have locatable owners, or have owners who need financial assistance for such care; and for programs to promote and support the Human-Animal Bond.


All veterinarians have had cases like Pumpkin. This cat was found lying injured by the road, and a Good Samaritan brought her to a veterinarian for treatment. She was diagnosed as having head trauma and a broken femur.

The cat was stabilized and made comfortable while her family was located. Relief at being reunited with their pet quickly turned to dismay when they realized that the estimate for Pumpkin’s treatment was beyond their means. Euthanasia was being considered when a benefactor stepped in to offer assistance. Pumpkin’s story was to have a happy ending after all. After several months of treatment and recuperation, Pumpkin was doing well and working on becoming a “therapy cat”.

Just imagine if there always were a source of funds available to support your veterinarian’s efforts to help pets like Pumpkin.

VETEGA is collecting funds through donations from the community and grants.

We sincerely hope you will join with us in this undertaking to improve access to veterinary care for animals and their owners in the Lamoille county region

 VETEGA has partnered with Clarina Howard Nichols Center to raise funds for any pets that need veterinary treatment when sheltering with their families.

 Clarina’s SAF-T Program

In 2014 Clarina Howard Nichols Center became the first domestic violence shelter in Vermont to earn SAF-T (sheltering animals and families together) status - opening their shelter doors to survivors of family violence and their companion animals.  Since one of the biggest costs that is anticipated is the increased need for veterinary care, we are reaching out to start collaborative fundraising for Clarina and VETEGA.  

Click here to learn more about Clarina’s SAF-T Program